About Jaclyn Sue

I am Jaclyn Sue aka Jaclyn Suzanne! Ever since i was little i played dress up with all my moms clothes and jewelry and was dressed to the nines any chance my mom could get! Since high school i have dreamt of starting a fashion boutique. While things didn't go that direction after high school, I still took my creativity, ran with it for the last 10 years, and started a graphic design business creating custom paper goods for weddings and special events. It has been passion and success since 2011 but once COVID-19 hit and everything shut down, things took a turn for the worse.
I re-routed my career and decided to follow my dream! A FASHION BOUTIQUE FINALLY! I am starting from scratch and i know with my full heart, this will be a success because i believe in it! As a woman, and like many other women, i have struggled with weight management my whole life. Trying new clothes and striving to look and feel cute in them was always a challenge. My main goal for this new adventure is to find fun, trendy, or even everyday go-to fashion pieces to fit any and all body types for any occasion! I want you to feel your absolute best every time you grab that top or dress that you picked out and wear it with confidence!